Who is borjalucio?

So so so... where to start? Named Borja, 23 years old at the time you are reading this, born and raised in Vitoria - gasteiz, Spain. I don't remember when I started shooting photos... definitely long time ago with the friends that I have from my whole life.


We always wanted to capture what we were doing at the time; our short films riding bikes, our trips around the country or just regular daily moments. 


Later on this moment of life in which you have to decide what you want to do with your life arrived and after trying to make a life doing what I like the most I realised I needed some extra money to afford al necessary gear, so I decided to combine it with my other passion, aviation; and I became flight attendant working for companies as Volotea, Iberia Express and airBaltic.

Life was going good, gifted with the possibility of making good money and having enough time to travel, I decided to left photography just as my hobby; which it  was incredible to be honest; I was just shooting what I wanted, when I wanted and to whom or what I wanted. 

Never before I enjoyed so much trying to capture things and stories as i saw them.

But later, in every story there is a turning point; this one is no different... 2020 arrived and brought Covid19 with it, breaking millions and millions peoples lifes. 

Aviation shutted down and without any plan on the horizont, and a Canadian Visa to stay there for a year, I saw no better moment to split ways and focus 100% of my energy creating and capturing this world which is changing more than ever. 

Welcome to my world. Let's enjoy it together!


Borja Lucio Lecanda

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